Tuesday, July 16, 2024

How To Structure A Website Home Page


Yesterday I was reviewing work by a designer I work with and she was showing me a home page for the startup that she works with now like visually this looks well pretty well like a lot of home pages that you’ve seen had the usual kind of structure with a big hero section with a call to action then had some basic features and then images in text and when I was looking at this I asked her wait what’s what’s the story of this home page why is this content there there was a section about the product and there was a section with about us and I asked her wait why is there a section for about us in the home page doesn’t make any sense for me at thesis paper writing service.

and she said well we have an about Us page so I thought it would make sense to put a section about this and a link to that page I told her but it doesn’t make sense in the context of a home page what is the story that you’re trying to tell with this home page and she said story I don’t know I just got a bunch of text from the content writer and then I’m just placing them in the home page and I just told her no no no no you have to understand that a home page for a company for a business is like actually giving giving a page a sales pitch so there’s the sections is like a story that is folding step by step when the user Scrolls the page and that story has to make sense and he has to have a logical order and it’s good that you have the section that looks like almost every other website and I’m not even talking about like the visual structure those can be fine at thesis editing expert services

but I’m talking about what do you put in there and here here’s what I think is a good way to structure a business website you start off with the value proposition no it doesn’t matter how you how you designed it visually but this is the first thing that your website should talk about what is the value behind your business you know over 90% of people visiting the website that you’re gonna design are gonna believe within 10 seconds that’s real life it’s top that’s real life and so you have to be super super quick and within one sentence in one image or visual convey the value behind this business suggested by small business website tips

why should i watch this why should I read more what’s in it for me so this has to be super super quick once you sold on that value once the user of finds like ten percent of them will find out that this value is interesting to them they will scroll down the next thing that is best to do I think is to use social proof and social proof means our company people have used our company and they say it’s good now the reason that you do this is because we humans are social creatures and when we see other people that might be the customers of your company’s logo it might be testimonials it might be even just numbers like we have processed two billion dollars or something like that when you put social proof people find it gives you credibility and that already gives people something to look forward oh this business is a serious business it makes people more attentive



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